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July 19th July 20th July 21st

Check out the Event Projects:

CFLCFL light bulbs: 126 homes

Backyard Vegetable GardenBackyard Vegetable Gardens: 42 homes

Rain BarrelRain Barrels: 24 homes

Community GardenCommunity Gardens: 3 gardens

Lot ClearingLot Clearing: 58 lots

Storm Drain CleaningStorm Drain Cleaning & Marking: 80 blocks



What is the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America 2012 Youth Gathering?

The Evangelical Lutheran Church in America (ELCA) 2012 l Youth Gathering took placein july 2012 in New Orleans. The gathering included three days of volunteer work from July 19-21, during which time all 30,000+ participating youth were placed on volunteer projects throughout the city. Approximately 2,000 of these youth were working on Tip the Block projects, including installing energy efficient light bulbs, building backyard vegetable gardens, installing rain barrels, marking and cleaning storm drains, clearing empty lots, house painting, and painting neighborhood watch signs.

What is Tip the Block?

Tip the Block is a program developed by Green Light New Orleans that connects local New Orleans residents to free services that help them increase their energy efficiency, live sustainable lifestyles, and beautify their neighborhoods. The Tip the Block program concentrates Green Light’s impact on a neighborhood level and provides a unique opportunity to connect residents with sustainable resources, other organizations, and one another.

Tip the Block organizes advocacy efforts on a block-by-block basis, spreading environmental responsibility from neighbor to neighbor. The program is initiated by designating a 9-block area where Green Light installs energy efficient light bulbs in homes. When a home in the area is installed with free energy efficient light bulbs, Green Light volunteers ask residents what other sustainable resources and services they might be interested in, such as weatherization, backyard vegetable gardens, and rain barrels. Green Light then connects residents with existing partner organizations that can provide these expert services and other desired resources. Word of mouth encourages other residents in the block to make changes as well, until eventually the entire block will “tip” to more sustainable living. Multiple blocks “tip” the neighborhood and eventually lead to a more sustainable New Orleans.
With the help of ELCA youth volunteers, Green Light and its partner organizations will provide over 300 residents in three Tip the Block neighborhoods with direct services that will improve their household energy efficiency, provide water mitigation for their property, and increase their fresh food access. Neighborhood projects that target quality of life and storm water mitigation will impact an additional 1,445 community members.

Tip the Block
Partner Organizations:

Partner organizations for the ELCA event include:

Green Light New Orleans Pontilly Neighborhood Association
Evangelical Lutheran Church in America Longue Vue House and Gardens
New Orleans Food and Farm Network Bayou Land Resource Conservation & Development
Home Depot Volunteer Group Associated Neighborhood Development
NOLA Time Bank