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CFLCFL light bulbs: 126 homes

Backyard Vegetable GardenBackyard Vegetable Gardens: 42 homes

Rain BarrelRain Barrels: 24 homes

Community GardenCommunity Gardens: 3 gardens

Lot ClearingLot Clearing: 58 lots

Storm Drain CleaningStorm Drain Cleaning & Marking: 80 blocks

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Backyard Vegetable GardensBackyard Vegetable Gardens

ELCA youth installed 14 backyard vegetable gardens each day, for a total of 42 backyard vegetable gardens over the 3 day event.

Why install a backyard vegetable garden?

Backyard vegetable gardens provide individual residents and their neighbors and family with fresh, healthy, local, sustainable food. They limit the amount of food purchased at grocery stores, thus saving money and time. Vegetable gardens also reduce carbon emissions associated with the transportation of fruits and vegetables, which are often trucked or flown thousands of miles to local food stores. More information about Green Light New Orleans' backyard vegetable garden program here.

Backyard vegetable gardens...

  • Reduce transportation costs associated with going to the grocery
  • Reduce carbon dioxide emissions associated with packaging and shipping fresh produce
  • Reduce chemical pesticides and fertilizers used in industrial farming practices
Tip the Block partner: New Orleans Food and Farm Network (NOFFN):

Founded in 2002, New Orleans Food and Farm Network (NOFFN) seeks to improve food security and accessibility to local, sustainable, fresh foods. NOFFN supports the sustainable growing of food in backyards, community gardens, schools, churches, and on nearby farms. NOFFN also has a strong public education program, providing workshops, capacity-building, and technical assistance to local gardeners and agricultural projects. They work closely with target communities to assist local residents in becoming community leaders in advancing food security.

Green Light New Orleans and NOFFN developed a partnership in the spring of 2011 to provide backyard vegetable gardens and composting to Tip the Block residents. In 2013 Green Light New Orleans took over the full responsabilities for the backyard vegetable garden program and redesigned the program.