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CFLCFL light bulbs: 126 homes

Backyard Vegetable GardenBackyard Vegetable Gardens: 42 homes

Rain BarrelRain Barrels: 24 homes

Community GardenCommunity Gardens: 3 gardens

Lot ClearingLot Clearing: 58 lots

Storm Drain CleaningStorm Drain Cleaning & Marking: 80 blocks

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LOT CLEARINGEmpty Lot Clearing

ELCA youth will clear 58 empty lots over the three-day event. Fifty lots will be cleared in the Hoffman Triangle Tip the Block location and eight will be cleared in the Dwyer Canal Tip the Block location.

Why clear empty lots?

After Hurricane Katrina, many residents did not return to their homes or to claim their properties, leaving homes unattended and lots unmanaged. These lots become quickly overgrown, causing blight in the neighborhood. Overgrown lots often become a dumping ground for trash, such as tires and even electronics. Tall grass also becomes a favorable breeding place for possums, raccoons, rats and other neighborhood pests that terrorize gardens and household pets. Clearing empty lots thus helps beautify neighborhoods and increase the quality of life for those living near them.

Tip the Block partner: Associated Neighborhood Development and Pontilly Neighborhood Association

AND’s Hoffman Triangle program is a 501c3 and a Community Housing Development Organization (CHDO) that works to rehabilitate and redevelop the Hoffman Triangle area using a variety of approaches. The goal is to create a neighborhood New Orleans can be proud of by developing one block at a time until the entire area has been transformed. These actions help to stimulate economic development and to attract new businesses and residents. AND works with public and private partners to make homeownership more affordable and obtainable. They also build new homes on vacant lots or sites that were previously blighted. AND uses their network of partners to improve neighborhood infrastructure and appearance, including repaving streets, adding additional lighting, and providing landscaping among other things. By engaging residents in this process, AND helps to establish a healthy community where families and businesses can thrive. AND will clear 50 lots with the help of ELCA volunteers.

Tip the Block partner: Pontilly Neighborhood Association

The Board of the Pontilly Neighborhood Association in the Dwyer Canal Tip the Block neighborhood has become involved in the ELCA event in order to lead a lot-clearing project in the neighborhood. This project will further the mission of The Pontilly Neighborhood Association, which is to maintain the visual appeal of the neighborhood, to protect property values, and to keep the neighborhood safe. Pontilly is historically significant for being one of the first predominately middle class African-American neighborhoods in Gentilly. Although much has changed due to the destruction of Hurricane Katrina, what still remains for many residents is the pride of ownership in their homes and their investment in the community. The Pontilly Neighborhood Association believes a clean community shows pride, togetherness, and showcases the true beauty of the area. Clearing these lots goes a long way towards showing that pride as well as improving the overall quality of life, health, and the environment in the area. The 8 lots have been identified by the community with the help of the office of City Council Woman Cynthia Hedge-Morrell.

Tip the Block partner: NOLA Time Bank

The NOLA TimeBank provides an innovative way for people to come together to help others, themselves, and their communities at the same time. Participants 'deposit' their time in the bank by giving practical help and support to others through any services they wish to offer and are able to 'withdraw' their time by receiving a service from any other member of the TimeBank. In a TimeBank everyone's time is valued equally, whether they are painting someone's house, walking a dog or providing medical care. During the ELCA event, members of the NOLA TimeBank will be cutting grass in the Leonidas neighborhood.