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CFLCFL light bulbs: 126 homes

Backyard Vegetable GardenBackyard Vegetable Gardens: 42 homes

Rain BarrelRain Barrels: 24 homes

Community GardenCommunity Gardens: 3 gardens

Lot ClearingLot Clearing: 58 lots

Storm Drain CleaningStorm Drain Cleaning & Marking: 80 blocks

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Marking and Cleaning Storm Drains

ELCA youth will mark and clean storm drains for approximately 24 blocks in each Tip the Block neighborhood, for a total of 72 blocks cleaned and marked over the three-day event.

Why mark storm drains?

Storm drains play an integral role in keeping water out of the streets of New Orleans during rain events. When they are clogged by leaves, trash, and other debris, they back up easily and contribute to, rather than alleviate, flooding. Clearing storm drains of debris on a regular basis helps keep water flowing out of the streets. Water that runs into storm drains from the streets empties into New Orleans’ canals and eventually into Lake Pontchartrain and the Mississippi River. Rain water picks up pollutants and trash as it runs through the streets, thus polluting New Orleans’ waterways. Storm drains often become dumping sites for people who do not know that they empty directly into waterways, collecting more trash and pollutants even from activities as innocent as washing a car in the driveway. Marking storm drains with plaques or paint calls attention to them and where they empty, thus discouraging dumping of inappropriate materials.

Tip the Block partner: Bayou Land Resource Conservation & Development

Bayou Land RC&D is a regional non-profit that provides resource conservation and community development opportunities to the citizens of Southeast Louisiana. The Bayou Land RC&D mission is to improve the quality of life in the Bayou Land area by promoting the wise use of natural resources, and by improving economic, environmental, and social conditions. Bayou Land RC&D staff organizes and implements projects designed to preserve and restore Louisiana’s coastal areas, provide education, and improve storm water management systems. Some initiatives include water quality protection and native plant conservation.  All Bayou Land RC&D projects aim to positively affect the environment while, at the same time, spurring economic development and helping to create informed, sustainable communities.  As a part of their goal to improve storm water management, Bayou Land organizes and conducts street and storm drain cleaning and marking. This program helps to alleviate street flooding and to highlight the problems dumping waste in and around storm drains can cause.