Green Light New Orleans could not carry out its daily tasks, functions, and projects without the amazing help of AmeriCorps members and their service to our organization. Green Light New Orleans utilizes all three AmeriCorps programs. These include National Civilian Community Corps (NCCC), AmeriCorps State and National and the AmeriCorps VISTA programs.

AmeriCorps NCCC members are fundamental to Green Light New Orleans' community impact. AmeriCorps NCCC members have served thousands ofhours engaging New Orleans residents in necessary energy efficiency action and local sustainability. In 2010 alone, AmeriCorps NCCC members served 11,654 volunteer hours with our organization, time valued at $236,000.

Of the 300,000 free energy efficient light bulbs Green Light has installed for Greater New Orleans residents, over 70,000 were installed by AmeriCorps NCCC members, decreasing energy consumption by 29,000,000 kWh, reducing New Orleans carbon footprint by 32,000,000 lbs, and lowering residents' utility costs by $3.3 million.

AmeriCorps NCCC significantly multiplies our human capacity, which gives Green Light New Orleans, a staff of two, the ability to reach more than 14,000 local residents, to expand programming to area schools, and to impact often underserved communities on the outskirts of New Orleans. Our work is vital for New Orleans residents, and it would not be possible without the help of AmeriCorps NCCC.

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Green Light New Orleans AmeriCorps Teams

Date Team Click to enlarge Team Members Hours served
Financial impact
1 volunteer hr = $20,25
      TOTAL IMPACT of 177 team members 35,927 hrs
3/12/13 - 4/2/13 Delta 4 AmeriCorps Delta 4 Rohan Chaudhary,Frances Barrera, Anthony Deluise
Britney Murphy, Joe Massenburg, Kyle Quigley, Perry Tinher, Savanna Bull, Tracey Stanton
880 hrs
5/21/12 - 7/21/12ß River 7     3952 hrs
1/11/2012 - 2/28/20112 Delta 2 Delta 2

Class 18, Vicksburg MS,
Team Leader: Andrew Schill
Erik Anderson, Harley Paulsen ,
Erin Haynes, Jenna Pettit , Shannen Collins, Kayli Greene, Tinimarie Martini, Kari Galensky, Koran Johnson

3462 hrs
1/15/11 - 3/28/11 Delta 3 Delta 3

Class 17, Vicksburg MS, Southern Region Campus
Team Leader: Alix Collins
Team Members: Drew Schaffer, Emily Shea, Jessica Corcoran, Marilu Duchemin, Michelle Clifford, Rebecca Masino, Stephen Evans,

3,309 hrs

9/1/2010 -

Delta 7 Delta 7 AmeriCorps

Class 17, Vicksburg MS Campus
Team Leader: Ivan Zavortnic
Team Members: Alli DeDonato, Beau Whiteman, Max Pozel, Jared Hymowitz, Jocelyn Perchell, Holly Miller, Steven Johnson, Bruce Hammond, Teryn H, Robert Theetge

2,972 hrs


6/4/2010 -
Blue 3 Blue 3

Sacramento CA Campus 2009-2010
Team Leader: Melissa Wankmuller
Members: Aine Creedon, Emily Dixon, Scottie Dye, Cassie Thomason, Michael Kostec, Adam Bosen, Fayanna, Steve Nichols, Megan Harrington

2,581 hrs
4/19/2010 - 5/29/2010 Blue 6 Blue 6 AmeriCorps

Sacramento CA Campus/Class XVI
Team Leader: Bryant Gilchrist
Members: Earl Sires, Kyla Philbrook, Andrew Epifane, Robert Ousley, George Coultas, Christie Bowman, Anne Kopf, Katherine Rattey, Abby Brewer, Suzie Demulder

3,492 hrs
1/29/2010 - 3/26/2010 Gold 7 Gold y AmeriCorps Gold 7, Sacramento CA Campus
Team Leader: Patrick Noonan
Team Members:Jon Snyder, Zach Neumann, Sam Tate, Amy Mahler, Maura Cosgrove, Amber Franklin, Samir Chandra, Aliyah Bixby, Erin Flynn
3,492 hrs
11/21/2009 -
Gold 1 AmeriCorps Gold 1

Sacramento CA Campus, Class XVI
Team Leader: Eric Shupin
Members: Jennifer Kelly, Sara Hufman, Stephen Iberg, Yakov Kazantseu, Jennifer Kelley, Sophie Putka, Denise Smith-Jaspers, Cameron Starr, Kristina Sturm

3,469 hrs
9/25/09 - 11/9/09 Raven 5 Raven 5 AmeriCorps

Team Leader: Vivian Newstate
Members: Casey Cronin, Anna Glasgow, Kristen Jones, Sam Kelly-Vail, Marcus Santos, Tine Le, Nick Vigilante, Nate Baldwin

2,498 hrs
5/14/09 -
Badger 3 Badger 3 AmeriCorps

Team/ Class: Badger 3, Perry Point MA Campus,
Team Leader: Linda Arenas
Team Members: Hilary Griffin, Kevin Farrell, Danelle Sebera, Nicole LaBranche, Betty Withrow, John Grupe, Melissa Gonzalez, Justin Azevedo

1,794 hrs
4/19/09 - 5/8/09 Blue 4 AmeriCorps Blue 4

Team/Class: Blue 4, Sacramento CA Campus/ Class XV
Team Leader: Britta Volz
Members: Emily Fairchild, Mary Gordon, Shelby Johnson, Fionna Mullarky, Alli Lazarus, Cheryl Behrens, Stephanie Sears, Joshua Pearlman, Lance Massey

1,749 hrs
1/12/2009 - 2/5/2009 Sun 2 AmeriCorps Sun2

Denver, CO/Class XV
Team Leader: Nichole Hill
Team Members: Daniel O’Hara, Jess Harvell, Becky Gardner, Bill Meeuwsen, Alyssa Moss, Laura Butera, Leah Luben, Mohua Basu

7/14/2008-7/31/2008 Summer of Service     564 hrs
6/19/2008 - 7/22/2008 Gold 2 AmeriCorps Gold 2

Sacramento CA Campus/Class XIV
Team Leader: Samantha Rush
Team Members: Jenna Roberg, Steve Rierderer, Keri Inouye, Daniel Roller, Stephen Donovan, Carrie Tate, Nicole Mullineaux, Tara Price, Seth Peterson

1,016.5 hrs

4/29/208 - 6/216/2008 Wolf 5 Wolf 5 AmeriCorps Maryland Campus Campus
Team Leader: Topher Sellers
Team Members:Geoffrey Hill, Lacy Roberts, JJ Schlaper, Lance Palm, Danielle Ludwick, Stacy George, Felicia Guynes, Christiane Cannon, Chris Sellers, Danny Hourchi
2045.5 hrs
3/3/2008 - 4/21/2008 Fire 7   Team Leader: Richard Price
Sheria Wooden, Charlotte Kates, James Coultas, Rebecca Soule, Kate Piccolo, James Bynum, Ben Unkles, Lori Miller, Chelsea Carlson
1829 hrs
11/26//2007 - 1/25/2008 Gold 7 Gold 7 AmeriCorps

Sacramento CA Campus
Team Leader: Lindsay Woldt
Team Members: Thom Armitage, Laura Atkin, Ellen Hotaling, Ana Rodriguez, Marissa Kelly, Caitlyn Garrison, Amy Mays, Alex Mason, Melissa Brown, Richard Raridon, Grant Collier, Shelby Allen

2,111 hrs