Sustainable Living
Green Light New Orleans strives to operate as a model of energy efficiency and sustainability. To this end, Green Light takes the following steps to ensure that its day-to-day operations leave as little wasted energy and materials as possible:
Rain Catchment System We catch storm runoff with a rain barrel, which we use to water the garden!
Urban Farming Green Light loves urban farming! We have a small vegetable garden in front of the office and transformed an empty NORA lot into an edible teaching garden. Executive Director Andreas Hoffmann also grows vegetables in his own permaculture garden.
Composting Green Light’s compost bin is located on Dublin along the street underneath the plantain trees. We reduce the organic waste we send to landfills by putting food scraps, leaves, and yard clippings in the compost!
CFLs Our office is fully furnished with energy efficient LEDs, and all of our staff members use CFLs in their homes, too!
Reduce, Reuse, Recycle Green Light reduces waste, reuses materials, and recycles everything. We are committed to finding new ways to use less energy and leave less trash behind!
Solar System Andreas Hoffmann, Executive Director of Green Light, is now harvesting energy from the sun! Check out his solar panel system installed on his home in April 2012.

Get some ideas about how you can live more sustainably, too! Click the links to see pictures, find out more information about each step you can take, and find links to sustainable partner organizations and local businesses that will help you get started.