Problem: At 60+ inches of rain per year, New Orleans experiences some of the highest annual rainfall in the country. Stormwater runoff during heavy rain events in New Orleans causes flooding that affects the well-being, property, and livelihood of every New Orleans inhabitant. The city’s pumping system, designed to alleviate flooding, is often overwhelmed during heavy rains. Not only is this system costly and inadequate for the high levels of rain, it has become a major polluter in the city: Water, contaminated by the city streets,is pumped into Lake Pontchartrain.

Solution: To address these issues, Green Light New Orleans is conducting a rain barrel installation pilot program with 30 New Orleans area households. Participants capture rainwater in barrels, which they either release it once the ground is dry; or use to irrigate their garden. The catchment system diverts some of the water that would otherwise runoff into storm drains causing flooding. For those using the water for irrigation, it helps conserve municipal water use. With feedback from the pilot participants, Green Light is developing a lcomprehensive/full program which will serve the New Orleans community at large. Funding for the pilot program was generously provided by the Greater New Orleans Foundation, the Allianz Foundation, and Green Light donors. Learn more about the rain barrel program.

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