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Food Education

Edible Schoolyard New Orleans (ESY NOLA) empowers schoolchildren to build and maintain healthy relationships with food and the community through school gardens. Green Light provides gardens for the families of students who are active in ESY NOLA’s program. By reinforcing the habits learned at school in a home garden provided by Green Light, ESY NOLA and Green Light aim to close the gap between a child’s garden-fresh lunch at school and fresh vegetable supper at home, making healthy eating habits possible.

Partnership:Green Light Garden Renew School
Camille Pluck, Therapeutic Program Social Worker at Renew School om Marais Street has built a Green Light garden with her students during the the citywide 10 year Katrina commemoration event.

"Greenlight is attractive because it is critical that youth understand food; its origins, growth process, and the integral role we play in the quality of food. I am excited about gardening because both the beauty of harvests and the disappointment of failed yields present teachable moments. These lessons and experiences are therapeutic in that they teach students to be mindful, to learn patience, and provide the opportunity of witnessing growth from seed to harvest. Greenlight makes green initiatives and environmental concerns palatable and applicable to inner city youth of color." Camille Pluck