Interested in participating in the backyard vegetable garden program? Fill out the PDF application and mail or email it back to us or fill out the online application below. After receiving your application, we will contact you to sign you up for our mandatory garden class. Once you attend the 2 hour class we will make an appointment for volunteers to come to your home and help you build your new vegetable garden. Please be patient. We have along wait list.

Backyard Vegetable Garden Application Form (PDF)

Landlord Permission Form (PDF)

How do I apply?

A. Fill out the online form below, sign and submit.
B. Or fill out the PDF form above, email the form back to us or mail to:

Green Light New Orleans
Garden Coordinator
8203 Jeannette Street
New Orleans
LA 70118

Need help with the form? Have questions? Contact the garden coordinator at 504-324-2429 or