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Green Light New Orleans Energy

What is a CFL (compact fluorescent light bulb)?

  • Energy Star qualified CFLs produce about 75 percent less heat and can cut additional energy costs associated with home cooling. *

  • CFLs provide the same amount of light (lumens) as standard incandescent bulbs, but have lower wattage ratings. This means they use less energy and cause less pollution. If you are unfamiliar with the best CFL wattage to use for your lighting needs, always refer to the lumen, or light output on the product packaging as your guide. For example, most 60-watt incandescents provide around 800 lumens.

    What kind of CFLs do you get from Green Light?

  • Green Light New Orleans provides you with free spiral CFL light bulbs .As part of the free program, we bring you 9w, 14w, 20w and 23w CFLs. We also provide small base chandelier CFL's. CFLguide

    Other types of CFLs

  • We don't provide specialty CFLs such as dimmable CFLs, vanity globes and 3 way CFLs Click on the table to the right to enlarge the energy star guide, click here to download the ENERGY STAR purchasing checklist or to visit the ENERGY STAR web site.

    What else can I do to save energy?

  • Green Light New Orleans has put together a guide for you. Download it here.