Dear rain barrel applicant, we want to send along a quick word about Green Light’s response to the COVID-19 virus. First of all, the health and well-being of the community is and always has been Green Light’s first priority. With that in mind, we are taking the following precautions for all upcoming rain barrel installations, including your own:

- To limit shared points of physical contact, we will no longer be providing physical paperwork to be completed during the installation. Instead, we will email you documents that you can complete on your computer and email back to us.
- Green Light employee will practice social distancing during installations, making an effort to maintain 6-8 feet of personal space. 
- Green Light employee will sanitize hands regularly before and after each installation.

Generally speaking, you do not even need to come outside for the duration of the installation. If you prefer to stay inside, we only ask that you clearly communicate where the barrel should be placed and be available to answer any questions our rain barrel installer may have. For safety reason only one person will perform the installation. Please let us know if you have any questions or concerns, and we will gladly work to address them with you.

We encourage you to apply. AND PLEASE keep 6 feet distance to friends, neighbors, co-workers .....and everyone else IT IS CRUCIAL

Interested in participating in the rain barrel program? Fill out the PDF application and mail or email it back to us or fill out the application below. After receiving your application, we will contact you to schedule an appointment for a staff member and volunteers to come to your home and help you install your rain barrel. Please read about our rain barrel program first! Click here...

Need help with the form? Have questions?

Contact Green Light New Orleans at 504-324-2429 or

FAQ and how do I apply? Use the online form below (fastest and easiest) or fill out the Rain Barrel Program Application Form (PDF)

Q: Will I have to pay for the barrel?

A: We ask for a donation depending on your financial possibilities to contribute to the barrel. Our cost share option starts at $10 to make sure everybody can participate in the program.

Q: Will you install the barrel?

A: Yes, we will install the barrel and you will be able to choose one from sveral designs. Check out the video below to see how we install the barrel

Q: Can I have more than one barrel?

A: Yes, you can apply for 2 barrels through the regular cost share program.


Q: Where do you install barrels?

A: All areas in the Greater New Orleans area within the levee system.

Q: I want to install the barrel myself?

A: Yes, we offer barrels as a fundraiser. Find out more here. But it will be more economic for you to apply for the regular program.

Q: I am a renter. Do I qualify?

A: Yes, but you need permission from your landlord. Download the form here.

Q: Can I have more than two barrels?

A: Yes,but there is an extra cost above the maximum cost share.

Q: Can I pick up a barrel?

A: Yes, we offer barrels as a fundraiser. Find out more here.

Q: Who funds your barrels?

A: The graphic to the right shows you, who provides the funding in 2020 and how much more is needed in 2020. (Data: May 2020) Find out the current program status here.

Q: Is there a wait list?

A: Yes. Find out the current program status here.

Q: What happens if the barrels don't work out for me?

A: We can come to our home, disconnect the barrels and move the barrels and pavers to another community member. If this happens withing 18 month after the installation, you are eligible for a full refund of your cost share or you can donate the cost share to the organization.

Q: If the barrel doesn't work out for me, can I use it as a planter or ship it to a friend out of state?

A: No. We are a Greater New Orleans community program and the barrels are supposed to benefit the community as a whole. A lot of work and funding goes into a barrel. It should only be used as a water management / water conservation tool.


The Green Light Rain Barrel Program is supported by: