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Beverly Winder
"I am so excited about this rain barrel. This is my first. This barrel will make it so much easier to water my plants and vegetables rather than dragging and unwinding the hose from the front of the house to the back. Thank you Green Light for making my senior years easier."

Beverly Winder



Carbon Reduction

Rainwater is chemical-free and helps build strong natural systems

- Rain water is 100% soft water.
- Rain water has the preferred PH level for our plants.
- Stored rain water contains micro nutrients that your plants love.
- Natural rainwater contains more nutrients that plants actually need to flourish, including elevated levels of oxygen and nitrogen.

Most tap water is treated with a variety of chemicals, which do not necessarily aid in plants’ growth. New Orleans is no exception. According to the New Orleans Sewerage and Water Board, the city’s tap water is treated with chlorine, ammonia and fluorosilicic acid.  (Source:S&WB)